Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lefthand Speculation: "The Reload" Teaser

Lefthand Speculation
“The Reload” Teaser

Philip and Donnie work at their non-game related jobs all day. But they're always in the know. Here's their conversation about "The Reload" teaser that went up on Sony's Youtube channel earlier today.

PW: Donnie, “The Reload” teased. Speculate.
PW: Think it’s for All-Stars? Or just generic fan service like “Michael”?
DF: “The Reload”… Man, same sound as Infamous in the commercial… that’s exciting. I don’t think it’s a big reveal, but I doubt they would advertise just a simple PSN Store update like this. It has to be for a game.
DF: I don’t think it’s a Michael ad. They wouldn’t tease like this I think.
PW: For the record, I liked the Michael ad, but don’t forget that one was teased first as well. In the exact same way.
PW: I’m going to have to call that this one’s for the PSN Store update.
DF: Gotta be a game. My guess is All-Stars but I sincerely hope it’s for Vita whatever it is.
PW: Best case scenario, it’s for Infamous Vita. Worst case, PSN Store. Most realistic, All-Stars.
DF: It’s just a user interface change though. No real functionality change… Not that it isn’t possible, or maybe its just wishful thinking but I gotta go with a game.

There you have it folks.
Donnie predicts a game announcement. Philip remains skeptical.

What do you think?

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