Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Xbox Reveal Show Notes

Here are my show notes of the Microsoft console reveal (I made the mistake of titling the word doc "Xbox Infinite Reveal," that would have made too much sense).

May 21, 2013

8:58 AM – I believe in the 3rd console curse. MS is too proud to take any lessons from Sony.

9:24 – Attendees are being made to wait outside the giant tent in the Washington rain. Now that’s hospitality.

9:33 – If there is no price or date revealed, then it means they’ll be worse than Sony’s.

9:37 – Games I demand: Halo 5, Forza, COD:Ghosts, Shadow Complex 2, Alan Wake 2

9:58 – So close I can almost taste the plastic.

9:59 – In the words of Mario, Ledger’s Joker, and the Freestylers, “Here we go!”

10:00 - Conference begins.

10:01 – They keep stressing “this is just the beginning, and E3 is around the corner.” Why not show it now? Is this a half show?

10:03 – Seems like a small crowd.

10:05 – Thinking the living room is too complex and too slow. Games, Tv, and Entertainment. Make it so it can evolve for the future.

Unveiling the all in 1 home entertainment center:

The box looks like a big black ugly box. Hate it.
Controller looks slick.
And the new kinect looks like it ate 3 old kinects.

10:11 – Demo of voice commands.
The instant switching between tv, internet, game, and music, and home was actually REALLY cool.
Only voice though! I don’t want to use my arms to go back to my movie.
The interactive tv with ESPN sports is pretty freaking awesome.
The Skype conversation was obviously pre-recorded, and makes me question the entire demo we just saw.

Specs: Bluray drive, supposedly silent, different power states, 3 operating systems in one.

They keep saying “Kinected” its bugging me.
No waiting switching between apps.

Kinect is paired with EVERY XBOX ONE. Kinect is in 1080p. Motion can read your heatbeat.

Some crap about photons.

Controller upgrades.
Updated battery, new triggers, dpad (finally).

Smartglass. Ugh.
Tablet is a remote control. Tablet integration.
Kinect. Tablet. Controller.
Lag free instant experience.

New Xbox Live:
Same membership as today (probably meaning pricing). 300,000 servers powering live for xbox one.
Content is stored in cloud. Anytime anywhere.
Live acts as a gaming DVR, to capture play.
Game devs can get direct game computation.

10:34 - Halfway through and not a single game.
Andrew Wilson from EA
EA Sports on Xbox ONE
Fifa, Madden, NBA Live, UFC, All 4 will launch in the next year. But we already knew that, nothing exclusive.
EA Sports ignite, an all new game engine.
Interviews with athletes show that these games are RGIII approved.

The demo looks like prerendered cutscenes, and not even good ones. Not impressed.  

FORZA 5, looks sick. But again, not gameplay. Cutscene.
Launch title is the good news here.

Remedy is releasing not Alan Wake 2. Quantum break. It’s very much like Beyond: Two Souls. Live action trailer, not game play. Surprise surprise.

8 brand new franchises in the first year od xbox one. But they don't name or show any of them.

Transform television speech. Personalized tv.

343 industries:
Halo tv series.
Which isn’t a game, it’s a tv series. Not a game.

Oh good steven spielburg is coming to us via satellite. Why not use your fancy new Skype tool?

More live sports talk, this time with Roger Goodell, who everyone loves.

10:49 - XBOX ONE will come out “later this year.” A bit vague.

Come to E3 where you’ll actually see the games, not tv shows.

10:52 - World premier of CoD: Ghosts
All online content will launch at first on Xbox One.
Ghosts is new characters, new story, etc blah blah
Video doc of infinity ward. Snore.
Comparative shots of old cod to new cod
You can now have hairy arms in Call of Duty. The future is here.

10:59 - Show the dang trailer already.

11:02 - Trailer shown. No gameplay. Wow.

So Microsoft wanted to hold a conference to tell us that they had nothing to show us.

PS4 still has my vote.

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