Thursday, March 29, 2012

Field Trip: To Where the Writers Are

Field Trip: Where have Philip and Donnie Gone?
Playing Games of Freaking Course!
Written by Philip and Donnie (it's one of those group efforts)

The two most obsessive gamers who write this awesome blog have seemingly disappeared for a few weeks now. What happened to us? Well when time is short and we have to decide between playing games or writing about games the answer is obvious. But we’ve cataloged our efforts to see the best way to play games when the clock is against you.

We both have an average of 45-60 minutes a day to play. Here’s how we’ve spent our time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Opinion: Wii is Irrelevant

Opinion: Why the Wii was never relevant and why the Wii-U is fighting an uphill battle
Happy dogs waggle tails, happy gamers don’t waggle controllers
Auth’d by: Donnie Fewkes (Most Handsome Analyst 3rd Runner-up 2007)

I once gave a presentation in a crowded room about the role that innovation has played in the gaming industry. I specifically spoke about the great strides that were made by Nintendo in capitalizing on the largely untapped ‘casual gamer’ market with the Wii. To prove a point, I showed the audience a blackened out silhouette of just the Wii console sitting on a stand. Old and young alike immediately recognized the familiar shape and everyone in the room knew exactly what it was (unless they were scared to answer incorrectly- like how I would raise my hand during hearing tests when I saw other kids do it). Nintendo has done the impossible by capturing the market segment containing people that introduce themselves as “Jason” more often than “CODfiend1977” (old people….seriously), and like me on a first date, Nintendo has largely misinterpreted their intentions.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Arkham City

Review: Batman: Arkham City (PS3)
Become the Caped Crusader again
Written by: Philip

This will be a flash review to give my two cents on a game that everyone will undoubtedly play (if you haven’t already). And this week Best Buy stores are going to make sure of that by selling Arkham City brand spanking new for $29.99. Still too much? Buy their Gamer Magazine in the store and find a coupon for another $20 off the game. That’s right, you can own Bat’s newest adventure for only $9.99. They should arrest everyone who walks out of the store with this game for highway robbery… also for jaywalking.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Opinion: Skyrim

Opinion: Skyrim Isn’t Worth Your Time
Game of the year. An award? Or a time commitment?
Written by: Philip

2011 was a record setting year for video games. Not only did it have the greatest year of games this planet has ever seen, but I was actually able to play most of them. When I started this blog my dream was to appeal to the realistic gamer: people like you and me who love games with every fiber of our being but are forced by this cruel world to grow up and be adults, resulting in minimal time to ever play anything engaging. Donnie and I wanted to get a taste of what was out there, so we could relay the news to you of which games your precious time and money is best spent. Then after you’ve gotten home well after rush hour traffic, you’ve had dinner with your wife, and the kids are finally asleep, you don’t have to waste the 35 minutes of freedom on the wrong game.


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